User Experience for Coffee & Tea Wholesaler

Mother Parkers, North America’s 4th largest roaster, after Folgers, Maxwell House and Starbucks, revamped their company website in 2012 to celebrate their 100th anniversary. Including the client, the company I worked for at the time, the outsourcing company, and the creative agency we partnered with, over 30 people were involved in the delivery of the corporate site.

  • User Experience
  • Site Map
  • Wireframes
  • SharePoint
  • ClientMother Parkers

Site Map and Wireframes

In addition to contributing to the UX process, I created the site map and all the wireframes that were used to develop the SharePoint-based site. IA/UX artifacts created included, the site map, navigation diagrams, over 40 wireframes of the page types, and a store locator.


The Final Product

The creative agency we partnered with used the wireframes to create design mock-ups for the site based on some mood boards approved by the client.
Note: The below designs were not created by me and were created by a design agency. I’m including them to demonstrate how the wireframes were translated into a final live site.